Pioneer professional player

Pioneer professional player
Pioneer Europe has released a professional video player, the HD-V9000. It plays video at up to 600Mbps and can be managed remotely.

The HD-V9000 is aimed at digital signage applications, retail centres, visitor attractions, education venues and broadcast studios.

Video playback is based on content downloaded to removable SD/SDHC cards. With no hard drive, fan or optical pick-up, the player has none of the typical points of failure of similar systems.

The player offers multiple methods of control, including: stand-alone, IP addressable, RS-232C (with Pioneer’s rich array of command protocols), EXT Terminal Control (JAMA) and Pioneer’s newly developed HD-Pilot software program, which enables the HD-V9000 to be controlled from a PC via RS-232C or via the network.

Each approach enables operators to remotely set up the player, manage on/off times, refresh content, revise playlists, change system settings and monitor its status and performance.

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