Philips glasses-free 3D hits the UK

Philips glasses-free 3D hits the UK
Philips glasses free displays are available in the UK after a distribution agreement between MMD, marketer and reseller of Philips-branded LCD monitors, and 3D media organisation, Wonderworks Media.

The Philips display will be one of the main attractions at the Wonderworks ‘Visual Theatre’ in London.

Martin Ware, head of MMD’s UK sales team, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have established a high profile presence in London. This partnership gives potential clients the ideal opportunity to see our stunning technology in action.”

David Da Costa, CEO of Wonderworks Media, added: “[The agreement] will bring affordable 3D screen technology to every brand, retailer and DOOH network in the UK and beyond.”

The rendering core technology, developed by Dimenco, allows users to optimise 3D effects by real time adjustments to the pop-out effects and optimal viewing distance. It uses lenticular technology and offers almost 30 views, dependent on which angle the display is being viewed from.

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