Peerless-AV signs eco partnership with Absen in EMEA

Peerless-AV signs eco partnership with Absen in EMEA
Peerless-AV and Absen have announced the formation of an EMEA eco partnership that cements a collaboration between the two parties focused on the development and growth of dvLED, both the technology and supporting infrastructure.

image: Absen and Peerless AV were chosen to install 20+ large to ultra-wide dvLED video walls throughout the terminals at Monterrey Airport, Mexico, as part of a long-term airport remodelling project


The eco partnership will create a more interconnected and mutually beneficial environment to address evolving market, customer and technical support requirements in this product category. 

“By signing an eco partnership with Absen, this collaboration will make us a force to be reckoned with in the AV industry,” said Keith Dutch, MD - EMEA, Peerless-AV. “Our combined innovation, industry connections, influence, expertise, knowledge, customer service and environmental values, as well as years of experience working on global projects, will make our competitive edge on future dvLED integration, of all shapes, sizes and complexity, even stronger. Customers will benefit from consolidated sales, consultation, and support services across all EMEA territories. Specifically, the ability for customers to receive joint quotes for Absen and Peerless-AV will streamline and simplify the whole sales process for future projects.”


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