Panasonic to build 40” OLED by 2010

AUTHOR: Inavate

Panasonic has joined forces with Sumitomo to create a 40” plus OLED HDTV, according to Japanese media corporation the ‘Nikkei’. It is reported that the product will be ready during the financial year of 2010 putting Panasonic firmly in the race to develop next generation televisions. ‘Nikkei’ also said production would take place at Panasonic’s LCD plant in Japan.

The report went on to suggest further product releases will only consume 40 watts, will be 3mm thick and 20 times brighter than plasma based TVs.

Samsung showed off a 40” OLED panel at the FPD International 2008 tradeshow in Yokohama, Japan. However, it was reported that the Japanese electronics giant is limited to producing a size of 31” on its low-temperature poly-Si TFT mass production line. Panels larger than this size can only be created on a pilot line and are not ready for mass production.