Panasonic ships 103” NeoPDP Plasma

AUTHOR: Inavate

Panasonic Corporation has announced the first shipment of its latest 12-Series NeoPDP 103” plasma display. Following the release of the 65” and 85” models in Q4 2009, the 103” completes the 12 Series NeoPDP line-up for large displays (55” plus).

Enrique Robledo, PlasmaMarketing Manager for Panasonic PPDE said: “Building on our historyin the large display market, we have upgraded the 103” flagshipplasma. We listened to our customers to ensure the large format 12Series range meets their needs for longevity, reliability andefficiency, assuring a strong competitive edge across the products’life-span, in order to maintain our market leading position forpremium commercial signage technology.”

The 103” plasma isdesigned to offer a high degree of expandability throughinterchangeable input boards and LAN terminals that support “LANcontrol”, which enables remote network control to support a widevariety of commercial requirements.