PALME India Mirrors Economic Boom

PALME India Mirrors Economic  Boom
With a significant rise in attendees, exhibitors remark that the show has managed to attract nationwide buyers with real spending power.

In fact PALME India was so successful in reflecting the rapid technological evolution in the sub-continent, that organisers IIR Exhibitions took the decision to extend the show for an additional two hours on the final day to maximise attendance.A move that rewarded several exhibitors who reported a flurry of late business prior to close down.

Harman’s country head, Sushil S. John, who summarised the mood of the show when he said, “It is definitely busier and better organised than last year. The growth in the market generally has been phenomenal; Harman Pro has quadrupled its turnover here in the last two and a half years while the dealership base has increased in line with the economic boom in the country, particularly in malls and multiplexes.”

Several companies used PALME India as a springboard for launching new products. Among them was Mike Gopal at AMX who gave a first showing (outside CEDIA) to five new control products including 5.2in wireless touch panel, which is video and VOIP active; integrated thermostat, integrated video entry management system and integrated touch dial with mini jog-dial LCD display. Another was the innovative Universe Laser System (combining laser and LED sources in lightweight, 3D displays) from Mystical Sound Productions (the show’s first ever Hawaiian-based distributor).

As the country’s economic boom and technological infrastructure continues to accelerate exponentially. James Raffoul Palme India's show organiser commenetd, “The fact that companies are choosing this show to launch new products, and globally-renowned manufacturers are exhibiting direct in the belief that PALME India will provide them with new marketing opportunities, speaks volumes for the speed with which the exhibition’s reputation has grown.”