Omnimount tackles online distributors.

Omnimount tackles online distributors.
As part of a strategy to curb unauthorised internet dealers and protect its authorised distribution chain OmniMount has announced a partnership with NetEnforcers to operate internet dealer program.

Omnimount has instituted a new authorised internet dealer program in partnership with NetEnforcers.

"Omnimount is committed to the success and prosperity of its authorised distributors," said Dan Halaburda, OmniMount's national sales manager for e-commerce and special markets. "Part of this process is maintaining and orderly market place. It's critical that OmniMount's end users understand how best to install and use their OmniMount products. That means we want only the most reputable dealers who provide excellent service and support to their customers. "

"NetEnforcers has years of experience with policing Internet dealer programs," stated Matthew Leberer director of operations for NetEnforcers.. "That combined with proprietary technology that intelligently monitors and eliminates counterfeits and unauthorised dealers, will raise OmniMount to the top."

Whilst this is a US only initiative at the moment, it is perhaps something that the European would do well to look at and perhaps attempt to emulate.

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