OLED wallpaper set for 2012

OLED wallpaper set for 2012
A revolutionary OLED material, pioneered by a Welsh development company, could be used in lighting products by 2012. The flexible OLED film, claimed not to suffer from oxidation problems that currently plague similar technologies, is also set to create more energy efficient television screens in the future. Development is currently underway in association with Glamorgan University.

David McNeight, a director of Lomox, told InAVate magazine that the technology was initially developed for use in OLED television screens and the company is still seeking opportunities in this market.

“Halfway through the development process we started thinking of low energy lighting applications,” McNeight added, explaining that the company had secured funding from the UK government body, the Carbon Trust for this application.

Various options have been mooted for where the light emitting wall panels would be used and McNeight says the company is generating huge interest from architects looking for solutions to light the exterior of buildings. Because the OLED film will require an operating voltage of approximately three to five volts it can be powered by solar panels and batteries so could also be used for roadside traffic warning signals. “It could even be used to illuminate motorway crash barriers,” added McNeight.

The wall panels will provide designers with incredible flexibility, allowing the coverings to change colour or even display moving images.

Lomox is currently looking at various funding options to enable it to take the technology forward. McNeight said that an injection of £3.5 million (€4 million) would allow the company to license the technology to chemical manufacturers and accrue revenue via royalties from screen manufacturers.

Alternatively if the company can attract larger investment then it will manufacture the product itself.