Obama landslide unfolds via “magic wall”

AUTHOR: Inavate

The riveting developments of the US election unfolded to the American people via CNN’s “Magic Wall”. The interactive, multi-touch collaboration wall, has made its impact on American culture, being parodied in entertainment staples such as “The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live”. The eight ft wall, manufactured and supplied by Perceptive Pixel, allowed news presenters to provide a visual and dynamic illustration of the political persuasions of the American population.

Using the touch of a finger, states turned from red to blue, votes were tallied and results displayed.

Jeff Han, founder and chief scientist of Perceptive Pixel, claimed on the CNN website he never expected the wall to evolve into the cultural sensation it became during the run up to election night. He describes how he was demonstrating the product at a military trade show when it caught the eye of cable executives and was propelled into mainstream entertainment.