Nanolumens opens production centre

Nanolumens opens production centre
LED display manufacturer NanoLumens has opened a production centre near its Atlanta, Georgia corporate headquarters.

According to NanoLumens VP of operations Wes Funsch, the new production centre will enable NanoLumens to better meet the growing worldwide demand for its LED products while freeing up space within the Atlanta, Georgia headquarters to expand R&D, testing and product development efforts.

The company will continue to work with PartnerTech, its long-standing third-party contract manufacturer partner. "The opening of this new production centre really takes us to the next level in terms of being able to meet our customers’ delivery requirements," Funsch added. "It basically takes us out of the R&D production environment we have been operating in since our inception and into a world-class process environment."

The new production centre also reaffirms the company’s commitment to expanding its manufacturing footprint in the United States.

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