NanoLumens launches 112” flexi display

AUTHOR: Inavate

A lightweight, flexible display technology, which InAVate reported on last year, has emerged into marketplace. The creator, Georgia based NanoLumens, will launch a 112” model at Las Vegas’ Digital Signage Expo, February 23 – 25. The display weighs approximately 40kg, is only one inch thick and extremely energy efficient. It is also so flexible it can be rolled up for transportation.

The NanoLumens product, mounted high above the exhibition hall entrance, will greet visitors as they enter the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Richard Cope, CEO of NanoLumens, said the screen, which can be used to wrap columns or follow the contours of a bend, was “as thin as a candy bar, used less energy than a coffeemaker and could be hung from the ceiling like a work of art.”

The company’s president, John Wilson said although NanoLumens was launching the 112” product the company could build the screen in practically any shape or size. He told InAVate that NanoLunmens had provided quotes for many custom solutions including a16ft x 60ft screen.

“We will be shipping in the states by the end of Q1,” he continued. “We have already been approached by around 30 companies across the globe wanting to work with us on the distribution of our product and expect to have availability in other regions by the end of the summer.”

He added that the company had been overwhelmed by the demand for the product. “We didn’t appreciate fully the depth of the market that wanted a product that was both lightweight and energy efficient,” he mused.

The display operates at between 500 and 1,000 nits so is suited to shop window applications where daylight would make some other technologies redundant. Wilson says the company is already talking to advertising agencies regarding this application.

The 112” display was first introduced to its investors on December 2, 2009. The demonstration saw the product switching from popular movie trailers and video shows to high-definition video provided by the Georgia Aquarium.

At the time, Cope announced that the production-intent unit would soon enter manufacturing at Suwanee-based Sienna Corporation.

“As you can see from the image quality, we really have a powerful tool for out-of-home advertisers to use in malls, airports and rail stations”, said Cope. “Our ability to quickly deliver these units in large, custom sizes also gives exhibit and tradeshow designers a powerful new element to bring to their customers.

“We have worked hard to put our flexible display on a design diet, trimming pounds, inches and kilowatt-hours from its life cycle,” said Cope. “The result is over 36 square feet of flexible video display that consumes less power than a typical coffeemaker.”