macom expands service portfolio

macom expands service portfolio
German-based macomGroup has expanded its service portfolio with service package for Managed AV & IT Services. Since the beginning of October, global and medium-sized companies, educational institutions as well as hotels, congress centres and public institutions have now also been able to rely on macom for the operation of their AV technology systems.

This move sees macom complete its service portfolio and it can now offer services for the entire AV technology lifecycle from a single source. All services can also be obtained from the British location in London.

The macom Managed AV & IT Services currently comprise four service areas that support customers in the operation and further development of their AV technology systems. They cover all customer needs: from the evaluation of existing infrastructures and operating processes to the support from day one of regular operation with new installations to the assumption of all operating and service activities during ongoing operation. These include SLA management, help desks and monitoring, EoL services and regular expert reviews.

"With this service portfolio, we are fulfilling needs that we are increasingly recognize among our customer target groups," says Oliver Mack, MD, macomGROUP. "Our customers are becoming more and more aware that their digitization projects do not end with the completion of the project. Often, demanding AV technology is installed to e.g. increase productivity. However, if the operating and service processes are not defined, the technology will not function smoothly for long End users are too often left alone when they have questions on the new technology and its functions. There are no clear service and support structures to guarantee the return on investment of the new technology from day one.

In addition, the operation of AV technology installations increasingly ends up in the hands of the company's IT department. For them, however, AV technology is often foreign territory. And this is where we come into play. IT services support technology, but AV services must be designed to support people in specific issues. That's a crucial difference."

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