Loud joins AVnu Alliance

Loud joins AVnu Alliance
Loud has joined the AVnu Alliance, cementing its commitment to AVB and pushing standardisation in networked AV installations.

Mark Graham, CEO of Loud, said: “As an industry, we owe it to our customers to simplify and standardize networked audio/video installations through the universal adoption of AVB. Through our AVnu partnership and thoughtful migration to AVB, Loud will position our brands and our customers well for the next phase of growth in the install, AV and PA markets.”

Anthony Taylor, Loud’s Martin Audio business unit general manager and vice president, added: “Undoubtedly, networked AV systems and installations will be the next driver of growth in the worldwide install and AV markets. We look forward to the time when AVB evolves to provide the advantages currently provided by U-Net in an open architecture format.”

“Since AVB is built on proven Ethernet hardware, enables easy discovery of all networked devices and allows for simple audio routing, we believe it is the best solution for cost-effective, plug-and-play networked audio and video applications,” concluded Nathan O’Neill, Loud’s senior director of engineering.

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