Liquid OLED for curved, longlife displays

Liquid OLED for curved, longlife displays
Researchers at a Japanese University have developed a groundbreaking OLED technology that is claimed will significantly ease the creation of curved displays and drastically improve their lifespan. Denghui Xu and Chihaya Adachi, from the Center for Future Chemistry at Kyushu University in Fukuoka have created “liquid-OLED”, according to information and news website,

The revolutionary design has a liquid centre and can be easily curved. SlashGear reported that Xu and Adachi had injected a mixture of electrically-conductive liquid and photoluminescent solid rubrene between an anode and cathode. That was then sandwiched in glass to produce lighting in the same way that an OLED with a solid luminescent layer does.

Another advantage, according to the Japanese scientists, is that by utilising a recirculating system the fluid OLED layer could be refreshed, thereby extending the lifespan of the display.

The scientists will, however, have to overcome a problem with the light output of the liquid-OLEDs. Apparently, although the light output is visible to the naked eye, it does not currently match that of traditional OLED display products.

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