Lightform wants projection mapping in homes and offices

Lightform wants projection mapping in homes and offices
The cost and complexity of projection mapping could be reduced so much that we could soon see permanent installations in homes and offices generating augmented reality content. Lightform is the brainchild of a VC backed start up headed by Brett Jones who has held previous positions at Disney Imagineering, Microsoft Research and EA.

The Lightform computer can be connected to any video projector and uses computer vision to 3D scan an environment. The data is wirelessly transmitted to a desktop app that uses the information to automatically generate effects and filters.  Lightform uses vision to keep content aligned so projection installations are quick and easy.

It has been secretly developed for three years with details emerging two weeks ago. Lightform has $2.6m (approximately €2.5 million) of funding from Lux, Seven Seas, NSF and the former head scientist at Oculus. 

Jones, CEO and founder of the company, worked on Microsoft Illumiroom among other high profile projects. He believes that the reduced cost of projectors, as well as the longer lifespan of LED and laser units, opens up many permanent applications for projection mapping. However, he points out that approaches are still expensive and complex, requiring time and expertise thereby limiting their use, usually, to live events.

Jones says that Lightform could make projection mapping an integral part of architecture and interiors. When projectors are small and bright enough to be installed as lighting, he predicts they will provide illumination as well as information display. 

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