Microsoft Kinect and projector take content out of the screen

Microsoft Research presented its IllumiRoom immersive display system at the CHI 2013 conference in Paris, April 27 to May 2. InAVate first reported on IllumiRoom, which uses Kinect and a projector to map a room and extend visuals outside a display, in January. Now, Microsoft has fleshed out details on the concepts and demonstrated how it can be used for gaming and TV applications as well as altering a room’s appearance.

The company has created a proof-of-concept model that uses a Kinect for Windows camera to map the geometry and colours of a room. A widescreen InFocus IN126ST is then used to display visuals outside a central display.

Gaming is the key application for the new solution, but Microsoft also demonstrates a TV applications where visuals appear to leave the screen and travel toward the viewer.

It can also be used to completely change the appearance of a room with Microsoft showing how edges of objects can be highlighted to create a cartoon effect. In another demonstration the room appears to the viewer in black and white.