LG launches rollable display

LG launches rollable display
After two years of development, LG has released its rollable display, the OLED TV RX, capable of being rolled away discretely when not in use.

Initially available at only seven stores in South Korea, the OLED TV RX provides 8K resolution with over 100 million self-lit sub-pixels. The model RX is comprised of a 65-in display with individual dimming control, retailing at an eye watering $87,000 USD. 

The rollable display has been a work in progress for two years, initially debuting at CES 2019. 
Three different viewing choices are included: full view for movies, line view for music and zero view to keep the TV hidden. 

Deep learning algorithms are also provided, with an α9 Gen3 AI processor analysing the on-screen content to provide immersive content, with all adjustments being made automatically. 

Despite the high price tag, the rollable display offers a range of commercial applications, from luxury hotels to innovative art installations and immersive experiences, providing a discrete, high-resolution display experience for cutting edge installations.