LG brings consumer rollable TV to market with CES outing

LG brings consumer rollable TV to market with CES outing
LG Electronics is showing a 65-in rollable OLED TV at CES 2019, in what it claims is a world first.

Although firmly focused on the consumer market, a commercially viable rollable display product is also big news for the commercial space.

LG has been inching closer to this milestone with rollable prototype screens that have steadily increased in size. Last year’s CES saw it hint at what was to come when LG showed a prototype 65-in UHD rollable OLED display on stand.

This year’s showing - the LG Signature OLED TV R (model 65R9) - is not just rollable, but designed to offer viewers different sized screens. 

LG says the TV “seems to magically appear and disappear” as it rises and rolls-up viaLG-OLED-TV-R- at CES button operation. Three different viewing options – Full View, Line View and Zero View – are offered. 

Full View delivers a large-screen viewing experience. LG has incorporated AI picture and sound quality powered by its second generation α (Alpha) 9 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm. It supports control via Amazon Alexa. Support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit is also included. 

Line View allows the TV to be partially unrolled, allowing for management of specific tasks that do not require the full TV screen. In Line View, users can choose from features such as Clock, Frame, Mood, Music and Home Dashboard. It allows viewers to check the time and weather at a glance or use Frame mode to see photos shared from a smartphone. Mood mode could be used to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

When in Zero View, all 65 inches are hidden from view, tucked away in a base unit. Users can still enjoy music and other audio content from the 4.2-channel, 100W front-firing Dolby Atmos audio system. Kvadrat of Denmark added a high-end design incorporating brushed aluminium casing and wool speaker cover.

The unit is still on show at LG’s CES 2019 stand - LVCC Central Hall #11100) in Las Vegas. The show runs January 8 to 11. 

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