LG developing stretchable displays

LG developing stretchable displays
LG Display has announced that it is leading a national project to develop stretchable displays after being chosen by South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE).

Dr Soo-Young Yoon, senior vice president and head of LG display laboratory said:  "LG Display will develop stretchable displays, a new form factor which could vastly widen the scope of applications that displays can be applied to. In the era of IoT, 5G, and self-driving cars, stretchable displays will play a huge role and we are very pleased and honoured to be an important part of the development of these technologies and products.” 

LG Display will be overseeing the nationwide R&D project, a part of MOTIE’s push since 2019 to develop South Korea’s next-generation display industry, with LG Display aiming to develop stretchable display products with a 20% elongation rate by 2024. 

 Stretchable displays will be able to shift in ‘free form’ in a similar fashion to the stretching of a rubber band without comprising the quality of the display through screen distortion, with the potential to develop multi-foldable smart devices, wearable devices and auto/aviation displays that can conform to design constraints such as curved surfaces. 

LG Display will lead a collective of 21 entities including related companies, research institutes and universities with the aim of developing core technologies, working with the aforementioned parties to develop relevant materials, components and equipment for the project and future display technologies. 

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