Ledman Europe to become official at PLASA

Ledman Europe to become official at PLASA
PLASA 2012 will see the official creation of Ledman Europe GmbH, the European operating arm of Ledman, one of the world's largest LED companies.

Whilst Ledman has spent considerable R&D time preparing its product range for expansion into Europe, covering off issues such as EMC certification, the company says it also understands the need for local support and logistics.

Ledman´s founder and chairman Martin Lee commented: "Europe is very different from the rest of the world when it comes to product certification, technical requirements and wishes for customisation. We have spent significant amounts of money in R & D in order to prepare our product line for EMC certification so that our products do meet the highest technical standards of the European market. We have involved European companies to assist us with these product enhancements so we can now proudly offer the best in class products.
"Ledman is taking this one step further. We realize that even the best products are of not much value if there is no local service available for our customers. We know that the European market is a very demanding market in terms of planning assistance, local repair crews, support during installation and pre- and after sales service in the local language and time zone.

"We are therefore extremely pleased to announce that we have set up a European office with Michiel Hettinga and his team in Europe. Michiel has been in the LED Industry for more than 15 years with Lighthouse and with DisplayLED. With our new European office based out of Southern Germany, we can now offer our European customers complete solutions delivered from Europe tailored to European needs."

"It is a perfect solution for our customers. When you buy from Ledman Europe GmbH you will get the security of buying from one of the financially strongest companies in the LED world at attractive prices and conditions. But you also get local support through our offices in Germany, Denmark, Italy and Spain. A team of Led experts that is close to you and speak your language with an unsurpassed know how. We are devoted to deliver the best solution to meet the customer’s budget and technical requirements." Michiel Hettinga, CEO of Ledman Europe GmbH.