Lamar University adds to performance capabilities with mobile unit and Riedel's Artist intercoms

Lamar University adds to performance capabilities with mobile unit and Riedel
Lamar University in Texas has added Riedel's communication products for use in its stadium control room and a newly designed 24-foot broadcast trailer from Allied Broadcast Group.

Equipped with an Artist-1024 digital matrix intercom, 10 Bolero wireless beltpacks, and eight RSP-1216 SmartPanels, in both the control room and the mobile unit, Lamar University is now able to use one system for multiple teams across different venues, enabling it to cover various events from sporting activities to commencement ceremonies, both efficiently and reliably.

Previously, the university faced the challenge of coordinating multiple teams and volunteers across different venues. Now, with just three antennas, they can cover the entire campus. Paired with the new control room and mobile unit, which are both using Riedel's products, Lamar can now cover additional events campus-wide, providing a unified communication platform with far fewer pieces of equipment required, streamlining operations for camera operators, engineering teams, marketing professionals, athletic directors, and students involved in the production. The team can ensure constant and clear communication with camera operators, even beyond the endzone and into the building. In addition, they can color balance the cameras without interfering with the producer.

The mobile unit, designed and built by Allied Broadcast Group, contains a mirror image of the control room's Artist, Bolero, and SmartPanels, providing a familiar set of tools and cost-effective flexibility for the production teams. Instead of trenching fibre across the campus to reach distant venues, Lamar University can now deploy the mobile unit to cover additional campus sporting events such as volleyball, baseball, and eventually tennis. Students can get valuable real-world experience in both a control room and mobile truck environment, learning broadcast on professional equipment.

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