L-Acoustics sound system brings sombre atmosphere to Queen’s funeral

L-Acoustics sound system brings sombre atmosphere to Queen’s funeral
DeltaLive was tasked with delivering an audio system for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, requiring premium sound quality for an event watched by millions around the globe.

Arcadis managed the event and drafted DeltaLive, a long-time supplier to both royal events and Electronic Audio Systems, the audio project management provider. Together, this group provided the public audio requirements along the route in both London and Windsor, as well as site-wide comms. DeltaLive was brought on board to specify the public audio requirements along the route in both London, Windsor and the site-wide communication system.

Standing out as DeltaLive’s most important project to date, over 700 loudspeakers, nine km of cable and 60 technicians were deployed along the procession route.

For Horse Guards Parade, 18 L-Acoustics’ Kara were deployed per side, hung from a crane to provide coverage across the parade ground. An additional two hangs of 12 K2 were also installed on cranes to keep them out of view of the television cameras, providing coverage for Parliament Square.

 Ground-stacked Kara provided coverage for the disabled area near the Queen Victoria Monument, with additional stacks at the top of Horse Guards Road. The systems were linked together from a cabin in Canada Gate where an engineer ensured signal ran to all areas. The egress route from Hyde Park to Green Park station was covered with horn speakers and DeltaLive coordinated with the police for any required public announcements.

At Windsor, the DeltaLive team placed L-Acoustics’ 12-in coaxical enclosures, with six Kara deployed left and right of the venue’s nine screens to provide audio support.

A further 100 cabinets were placed along the length of the Long Walk, Sheet Street and the route from Chaos Corner to the Long Walk.

Audio was added in Home Park, where a screen relayed proceedings for an audience of 50,000 people, as well as at Eton and Riverside station where 50 X12s were deployed throughout the town.

The entire system was powered by a total 200 LA4X, LA8 and LA12X amplified controllers. Control was enabled through Digico’s SD11s, with an SD5 at Windsor Castle providing routing for police announcements.