ISE releases detailed report on attendee data

ISE releases detailed report on attendee data
More than 40% of ISE 2017 attendees visited the show for the first time in 2017, according to a detailed report on data collected from registrations and post-show questionnaires.

The ‘Official Facts and Figures’ report was released by organisers of the Amsterdam event on March 8 to analyse visitor demographics.

ISE’s breakdown showed that 15,662 exhibitor personnel contributed to the total visitor count on 73,413 and 22,713 visited for the first time. There were 1,192 exhibitors from 79 countries.

Almost one third of visitors were system integrators with distributors and manufacturers representing 16.8% and 14.9% respectively. Technology consultants accounted for 8.7% of the total and end customers 7.8%.

While 55% were purely interested in the commercial sector, 34.2% said their interest spanned both commercial and residential, leaving 10.8% only attending to explore residential solutions.

Top and management level positions accounted for largest portion of exhibitors with 19.1% reporting they were chairmen, owners or partners; 22% saying they were managers or heads of departments; 6.7% VPs, EVPs and directors and 11.4% CEOs, COOs or presidents. 

Nearly half of the attendees could authorise purchases, if that proportion included those that could recommend, it rose to 79% and almost 39% were able to authorise or recommend expenditure of more than €1,000,000 a year.

The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy accounted for 44,226 of the visitor total. There was strong representation from the USA and China with 2,333 and 1,975 attendees respectively. 

Finally, a whopping 94.2% of visitors said they would return to the show.

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