Intermark Sistemi uses AMX for Secursat Security Operation Center

Intermark Sistemi uses AMX for Secursat Security Operation Center
The Secursat Security Operation Center (SOC), an facility developed in partnership with Intermark Sistemi, has chosen AMX products.

Secursat was founded as an outsourcing of the banking sector to manage traditional security systems through the network, not only for the financial sector but also for retail, industrial and real estate. However, talking about security means managing risks––monitoring thousands of sites and managing big data from installations around the world to ensure the protection of jobs, buildings and the general assets of Secursat customers.

The challenge faced by Intermark Sistemi was demanding, and the selection process resulted in following choices of brands in the control room sector: RDI for the operator consoles, Vuwall for the management of the room’s video walls, AMX for the centralised control based on touch panels and Alfatron (now Josawa) for the distribution of signals, based upon both copper and fibre cables.

“We have found in Secursat a unique partner in the control room vertical and we have provided the best technological solutions on the market, in order to build an innovative control room model,” said Fabio Concezzi, CEO of Intermark Sistemi.

To complete the equipment of the room, AMX touch panels were chosen. The 10-inch, in-table version can change the layouts of the videowall or activate any functions throughout the entire room. The user interface allows for streamlined operations, offering the necessary commands within the first page of the module while leaving less common functions to secondary pages. The NX-1200 controller, the smallest in the AMX series, has enough power to handle all room equipment and to automate key functions.



AMX NX-1200: NetLinx NX Control Unit. Supports IPV6 and 802.1x standards, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, FTP protocols; real-time diagnostics. Processor speed: 1600 MIPS.

AMX MT-1002: Modero 10-in G5 series horizontal touch panel. G5 graphics with Quad Core processor. IPS technology for crystal-clear images and ±89° side visibility. Multitouch capacitive 3 points.