Intel warns chip prices to rise

Intel warns chip prices to rise
Intel has informed customers it will raise prices on a majority of its microprocessors and peripheral chip products later this year, citing rising costs, according to report by Nikkei Asia.

Though not determined yet, the price rises are likely to be more than 20% for some chips.

According to sources speaking to Nikkei Asia, the products included in the price rise will include those that are core to its PC and server business, in addition to other areas such as the chips required for networking products.

In a statement to Nikkei Asia last week, the company said, "On its Q1 earnings call, Intel indicated it would increase pricing in certain segments of its business due to inflationary pressures. The company has begun to inform customers of these changes."

Intel's Asian peer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (the world's biggest contract chipmaker) has told clients it will raise prices by a "single-digit" percentage starting in 2023, Nikkei Asia first reported, less than a year after its largest price increase in a decade.


pic credit: shutterstock/Tada Images

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