InfoComm issues economic rally cry

InfoComm issues economic rally cry
In his latest InfoComm Executive Update, Randal A. Lemke remains upbeat about the prospects for the AV sector despite the global economic situation.

Citing the trade body’s recent snapshot economic survey he said: “80 % of industry respondents predicted growth for this year. 58% of our member companies in North America reported increases in staff size in 2007 and 80% percent expect to increase staff during 2008.”

Lemke goes on to say that in the context of the wider economic climate, that apart from being thankful that AV has thus far been relatively unaffected, companies should prepare for the possibility of changing tides.

He argues that investing in staff training now will help companies retain their competitiveness down the line.

Another positive, in Lemke’s opinion, is that organisations in all walks of life will continue to communicate and therefore spend on communication technologies. AV remains an important part of the equation.