Infobit introduces iCam VB50 All-in-One Conference Videobar for UC

Infobit introduces iCam VB50 All-in-One Conference Videobar for UC
The INFOBIT iCam VB50 is specially designed for home office users or small to medium-sized meeting/huddle rooms with 6 to 8 people.

Its All-in-One three-in-one design of 4K ultra HD camera, beamforming microphone and full-frequency loudspeaker reduces wiring and makes video communication really simple. Out of the box it’s going to take you a minute to set up – it really is plug and play!

With 4K ultra high-resolution clear image (and downward compatible with 1080P, 720P and other resolutions), it can meet the needs of users for different video experiences and can provide clear, real, smooth and accurate communication. Its wide field of view (FoV) with five times zoom, optical lens customized for the conference, the built-in electronic head means you have no need to worry about the camera position. The Beam Forming (BF) microphone is built-in with a pickup distance of 6 meters. A low-distortion transverse beamforming algorithm can direct the microphone directly to the speaker combined with full-duplex means better sound and clearer communication providing a fuller and more authentic conference.

The iCam VB50 is a camera with a built-in intelligent analysis algorithm, listening to the speaker position, automatic framing of participants, automatic tracking of speakers and switching the speaker screen, to ensure that the speaker is always clearly in the picture. To make sure you have all options covered, it provides both HDMI and USB audio and video output simultaneously.

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