Inavation Awards 2025: What are the new categories AV professionals can compete in?

Inavation Awards 2025: What are the new categories AV professionals can compete in?
The 2025 Inavation Awards opens all categories to entry on September 2, 2024. Read on to find out more about exciting new categories and deadlines for entries.

The Inavation Awards, the premier event recognising excellence in the AV industry, will introduce several new categories in 2025. These changes aim to keep the awards fresh and relevant and reflect the evolving language and positioning of companies that work in AV.

Our first new category within the Project Awards is the Arts & Experience Award.

This category moves the conversation beyond visitor attractions with a focus on immersive experiences. Eligible projects include projection mapping spectacles, immersive art galleries, interactive retail spaces, rides, and 4/5D theatres. At the same time, we’re also adding a category to look specifically at Museums & Heritage. As the name suggests, this category is dedicated to museum and heritage projects, celebrating innovation in preserving and showcasing cultural and historical assets.

The new Connected Meeting Spaces Project Award recognises projects that facilitate local and remote participant collaboration in single spaces such as boardrooms or meeting rooms. It emphasises integrated videoconferencing and collaboration platforms and distinguishes itself from the corporate award, which covers entire office floors or buildings with multiple meeting, presentation and work spaces.

Also joining the Project Awards line up for 2025 is the Venues and Events Spaces Award. This award encompasses convention centres, theatres, stadiums, and other events and conferencing venues. The new name aims to clarify the inclusion of spaces designed for both entertainment and events and reflects the increasing development of multipurpose facilities.

Moving over to the Technology Awards and you will see that we’ve added a Production and Broadcast Award. As broadcast and AV continue to converge, we expect this award to attract significant interest particularly from vendors supplying technology to the flourishing XR and VP sector.

Meanwhile the Software Award will recognise the importance of software in the AV industry, spotlighting notable software releases with a dedicated category.

Over in our Business Awards you’ll now find the Sustainable Business Award. While sustainability was a key criterion for entrants into the Company of the Year and Manufacturer of the Year categories, it now has its own category and is open to entries from any company working in the AV sector. We’ll also be planting 10 trees for every entry we receive.

We’ll open to entries on September 2, 2024 but the best way to make sure you keep up to date with all the latest news on Inavation Awards is by subscribing to Inavate EMEA newsletters at We make sure our readers are the first to know about Awards updates as well as providing them with timely deadline reminders and hints and tips on entries.

Now we’ve announced the 2025 Inavation Awards Categories, the clock is ticking to the much-anticipated ceremony and dinner. We’re excited to confirm we will return to the prestigious MNAC venue in the heart of Barcelona on Tuesday February 4, 2025 which coincides with the first day of ISE 2025.

For information on all categories, deadlines and how to prepare your entry head to

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