HDMI over coax extension system

TV One has announced the 1T-CT-680 series, a new line of HDMI over multiple coax extender system. This lossless transmission system handles 12-bit colour, HDMI v1.3 or DVI-D and 1080p, plus embedded audio, over coaxial cables.

Using RG-6 cables enables the 1T-CT-680 extender system to achieve signal distribution distances of up to 100m for 1080p/8 bit signals and 75 metres for 1080p/ 12 bit. Other types of coax cable may be used, but this may result in a reduction of the maximum distances.

A minimum of four coax cables is required. One cable for each video component (R-G-B) and one for a clock signal. A fifth coax is required if power is also to be sent.