Haivision acquires cloud video specialists

Haivision Network Video has acquired KulaByte Corporation and MontiVision Imaging Technologies that will add advanced encoding, transcoding, cloud computing, and workflow solutions to form Haivision's new Internet Media Division.

"All market segments now demand access to a high-quality live and on-demand HD media experience regardless of network or platform," said Mirko Wicha, president and CEO of Haivision Network Video. "With KulaByte and MontiVision, Haivision can now deliver end-to-end rich media solutions for both inside and outside the enterprise firewall.”

KulaByte Corporation provides live software-based encoding and transcoding technologies. Its H.264 encoding software and systems deliver the highest quality Internet streaming of HD content to Flash RTMP and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for the iPhone/iPad and other platforms. KulaByte's HyperStream is a live cloud-based video transcoding service. It's capable of transforming live video source streams into the various formats and data rates required to distribute live video via the internet to every screen, regardless of device, player, screen size, or bandwidth. HyperStream uses the cloud to transcode source streams into multiple formats and bit rates needed for diverse media distribution. HyperStream is available as a cloud-based service, a managed server within the cloud, or a stand-alone server appliance.

KulaByte operates in over-the–top (OTT) broadcast, HD Internet TV, live church streaming, education, corporate event broadcasting, live sporting event streaming, and military and defense applications. Its encoders and cloud transcoders have recently been used to broadcast the Masters golf tournament to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

MontiVision Imaging Technologies isa partner in the development of Kulabyte products and delivers technologies for video acquisition, machine vision, surveillance, and medical imaging applications.

KulaByte and MontiVision now form Haivision's Internet Media Division. The division is focused on developing technologies to deliver OTT media and to power enterprise social media networks. Haivision has appointed Chafye Nemri as executive vice president of the new division and KulaByte CEO Peter Forman as vice president of Internet Media, responsible for developing the division's cloud services. Key initiatives of the division will enable the creation, distribution, and management of media assets for organizations regardless of user location.