Gorilla-glass maker dreams of a day made of glass

Corning Inc. maker of the Gorilla Glass, which is found on the screens of a number of popular smart phones and tablets, has released an interesting promo video laying out its vision for the future of displays. The five minute clip, titled “A day made of glass” shows a wide range of applications in which it envisages video displays being adopted in the future. From fridge doors to shop windows it illustrates interactive displays based on its speciality glass technologies.

Slightly disappointingly, it makes no real reference to how one might achieve some of the more ambitious display locations, but it’s interesting none-the-less.

It does also raise a couple of questions about just how many screens your average family needs. Will we really be reading and responding to email whilst washing in the bathroom, is that even particularly hygienic? And do you want your mother in law to be able to talk to you out of the kitchen work top. Watch the video and decide for yourselves.