Glowpoint and StarLeaf combine to launch cloud based VC service

Glowpoint and StarLeaf combine to launch cloud based VC service
Glowpoint, a provider of cloud managed video services, has joined forces with StarLeaf, a manufacturer of interoperable video and voice solutions to provide global "telepresence-as-a-serivce" through cloud architecture.

"The industry has changed. Customers care less about protocols, frame rates and resolutions and care more about easy, high-quality solutions that can connect to anyone regardless of the technology," said Stephen Vobbe, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Glowpoint.

Vobbe claims that customers that have a StarLeaf system and a Glowpoint cloud subscribtion could "be live" within five minutes.

StarLeaf's video infrastructure will be integrated into Glowpoint's OpenVideo cloud architecture. Customers will be able to purchase the StarLeaf desktop and room systems through Glowpoint bundled with the cloud service, with the option of an "All-Inclusive Service Price (AISP)" that includes the cost of the system as part of a monthly payment. Glowpoint also runs a helpdesk and provides system maintenance and support.

"In our society, video is becoming a business imperative, yet all too often video equipment comes with walls that constrain use and simply make it difficult for businesses to realise a return," said Mark Loney, CEO of StarLeaf. "Our relationship with Glowpoint tears down the barriers to make video collaboration accessible for all and will go a long way towards making video deployment more pervasive."

The new services will provide joint customers with access to the OpenVideo community. StarLeaf systems are interoperable with H.323 based video systems. The service is accessed through Glowpoint.