Fluid-filled VR gloves create accurate touch sensations

Fluid-filled VR gloves create accurate touch sensations
A novel concept sees a fluid-filled VR glove replicate the sensation of touch in virtual environments.

Developed by Fluid Reality, a spin-off company based on technology developed at the Future Interfaces Group at Carnegie Mellon University, uses 160 dynamic haptic feedback actuators to bring the sensation of high-resolution touch. The system is wireless and lightweight, designed to feel acute sensations such as an individual violin string while playing.

Inside the glove are fingerpad arrays for each fingertip, with each array able to imprint tactile images on to the skin like pixels on a screen. The arrays can display contact, edges, shapes and a variety of textures to virtual objects thanks to fluid-filled bubbles that fill and stretch the bubble when activated. Each ‘pixel’ operates as a dedicated electrically controlled pump, directly attracting charge within the fluid to cause it to flow.

The prototype glove was built using off-the-shelf components, using Raspberry Pi with built-in optical hand tracking and standard Unity integrations.

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