Facebook patent application surfaces for Oculus AR

Facebook patent application surfaces for Oculus AR
Facebook is the next tech giant eyeing up AR glasses with a patent application from its Oculus VR headset company.

According to a report from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper the patent describes: “a pair of glasses with a display that is enhanced using a two-dimensional scanner”. 

It follows hot on the heels of the discovery of a patent application from Samsung, that describes a “holographic” approach to augmenting real world scenes with projected images and data.

Facebook’s foray into the market also confirms that the AR glasses race is on, as it joins tech giants Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung as companies developing or shipping products. 

Interestingly Google’s offering disappeared after a shaky launch in 2012, only to recently return as an enterprise tool

In 2013 we looked at the hopes surrounding Google Glass and what impact, if any, it would have on the AV market. More recently, Paul Milligan, explored the wearables market focusing on AR glasses and exploring the reasons why they might be more suited to professional applications. 

[Via Telegraph]

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