Samsung calls up holograms for AR battle

Samsung calls up holograms for AR battle
Samsung has grabbed the rights to AR glasses that would create 3D projected images, according to reports from technology and lifestyle website SlashGear.

It marks a departure from AR (or smart) glass concepts such as Google Glass that deliver images to the user’s eye by making them appear on the glass. 

Samsung is calling its approach a “holographic see-through optical device” and SlashGear has reported that its patent application has been granted. 

According to SlashGear the application said: “Most of the known optical devices of augmented reality are based on a combination of eyepiece eyepieces to enlarge an image formed by LCDs, LCoSs, CRTs, OLEDs, or other spatial light modulators having compact size and image combiners are based on, for example, a beam-splitting cube or a semi-transparent plate.”

Therefore, Samsung is clearly differentiating itself from heads up displays offered by a wide range of manufacturers – itself and Google included. 

Interestingly SlashGear also points out that - although the patent was published on August 17, 2017 - it was actually filed back in July 2015. 

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