eyevis UK wins €500k Eurofighter flight simulator deal with BAE Systems

Videowall manufacturer eyevis UK has agreed a £400,000 (€563,000) deal with BAE Systems to provide its ultra-high resolution display screens and operating equipment for use in Typhoon flight simulators in the UK and abroad.

The deal will result in eyevis UK technology helping to train air force pilots in some of its key export markets as well as an in-house testing and evaluation system at BAE Systems’ Warton site.

The global provider of defence and security products is taking delivery of 12 QHD quad high definition, ultra-high resolution LCD displays ranging in size from 58-in to 85-in and nine Netpix 4900plus videowall controllers.

Managing director Steve Murphy said "We are delighted to be working with BAE Systems in such an important area such as pilot training and we are pleased that they have recognised the quality which eyevis UK products can bring to the work which they do. But also it is great for us to be working with a company which has the same ethos as us. We operate on a much smaller scale but have admired BAE Systems’ commitment to supporting local businesses and the community. We have also replicated their commitment to providing apprenticeships by recently training two apprentices of our own."