Exterity partners with Hambisana in Africa

Exterity partners with Hambisana in Africa
Exterity has announced the launch of a joint offering with Hambisana, a provider of technology and services with a particular focus on DVB over IP, to offer Sub-Saharan companies IPTV systems.

“The demand for IPTV in Sub-Saharan Africa is on the rise. By joining forces with Hambisana, we are both better armed to meet this demand,” said Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity.

The joint offering launched by Exterity and Hambisana includes IntuiTV, an IPTV and VOD architecture; and DigiLant, a DVB monitoring suite.

This configurable software comprises a Mosaic, DVB Monitoring, TR 101-290, Advertising Monitoring, EPG and Loudness.

Both systems are based on the Exterity AvediaStream range.

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