EU project will deliver flexible, robust LCDs

EU project will deliver flexible, robust LCDs
The University of Stuttgart is leading an EU-funded research project focused on the development of lightweight, rugged and flexible LCDs for advertising and automotive applications. Under project LiCRA, scientists at the university are working with partners in industry to develop screens based on plastic foils and not glass substrates, usually found in LCDs.

The €1.5 million, 30 month LiCRA project brings together specialists from Germany, the UK and Israel.

The University of Stuttgart will work with UK manufacturer Plastic Logic to develop a process flow for the assembly of liquid crystal cells on plastic.

Plastic Logic will advance and adapt its organic thin film transistor (OTFT) technology currently used for monochrome e-paper displays. The mounting process for the liquid crystal cells will be developed at the University of Stuttgart.

Israeli company Etkes and Sons will develop a back light unit (BLU) and Germany’s micro resist technology GmbH will develop materials and processes for nano imprint lithography.

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