Emerging markets shore up sluggish worldwide outlook for projector sales

Growth in emerging markets has managed to prevent a worldwide slump in projector sales in 2012, according to market analyst PMA Research.

The company revealed that total projector volume reached 9.5 million in 2012 with education tenders in Asia – particularly in ASEAN countries, India and the Philippines – boosted sales of mainstream models.

Projector sales in China slowed down part way through the year, as the country’s racing economy slowed, but did finish the year on a strong note.

Brazil also ramped up sales after a slow start and initial projector shipments for Brazil's ProInfo programme, started in the fourth quarter, are expected to drive volumes higher in 2013.

In North America and Western Europe, cuts in education budgets impacted overall projector sales though interactive projectors and ultra-short-throw models remained strong, boasting worldwide growth of 30%.

Sales of High-End projectors (4000+ lumens) continued to outperform the mainstream market with super-bright models used in conference rooms and large venues registering a double-digit gain in 2012.

Digital-cinema shipments hit the 100,000 milestone in 2012 and promise to remain strong as digital conversions and new cinema construction continues in China, India, and Latin America.