E Ink’s Prism to offer alternative display technology

E Ink’s Prism to offer alternative display technology
E Ink’s displays can be most commonly found on reading devices such as Amazon’s Kindle and more recently were adopted by the YotaPhone 2. But the technology is ready to make the jump to large format display applications with the introduction of Prism at CES 2015.

The technology, in its current iteration, is aimed at interior designers and architects for indoor spaces. The prototype Prism film uses E Ink’s bistable E Ink technology and provides full color which can be programmed to form static or dynamic patterns. More interestingly Prism also brings a degree of ruggedness, flexibility and power efficiency to displays.

When it comes to display technology for AV applications, LCD panels with LED lighting reign supreme. But Prism may offer an extremely attractive alternative for digital signage applications. More robust and being able to be shaped in a larger variety of shapes, Prism displays could have an edge in differentiating themselves from the slew of other screens used for signage. E Ink has also detailed other application scenarios that may be of interest to the AV industry.

Prism displays have been envisioned as interactive navigation aids to students helping them find their way across campus. They can also possibly be employed as signage in corporate environments, perhaps as a door which can change color to notify that the space is occupied.

A large scale installation of Prism is expected to be up by the end of 2015.

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