Drive lights up London landmark for marketing event

Drive Productions, a London-based creative production agency brought the iconic Battersea Power Station to life last week as the company staged the climax of Bombay Sapphire’s Project Your Imagination competition. The Drive team led by Head Producer Jim Hudson was tasked with projecting the winning concept, created by Erjola Veliaj from Albania, onto the London landmark. His design saw the building transformed into a giant Rubik’s cube.

The technical solution consisted of an array of 14 Sanyo 15k lumen projectors stacked in hides 60m from the front of the building. Playback for the show was controlled via Dataton’s Watchout software, but prior to the night pre-visualisation and project set up was done using Drives D3 system.

Signal distribution from the servers was via DVI, transmitted over fibre connections to the individual projectors.

All of this resulted in a projection over 100 metres high and 70 metres wide, which lit up the Thames, wowing spectators.

The projection itself was set to music, and since it was witnessed from a boat floating on the river, audio signals were relayed wirelessly via broadcast quality radio transmitters.

Drive installed a stereo audio relay system on the boat, the Silver Sturgeon. This included 8 d&b audiotechnic q-series full-range speakers subs, and a Yamaha SL916 desk.

Jim Hudson (Head of Production) commented, “We were very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Bombay Sapphire, Erjola and the team at RKCR/Y&R to generate a spectacular creative for this event. We overcame a number of technical challenges to produce what has been widely recognised as a standout 4d projection on this popular site.”

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