Dolby and Philips wow NAB visitors with glasses-free 3D display

Dolby has joined forces with Philips to unveil a 3D HD format that is capable of glasses-free 3D viewing on any size display. The technology has been enthusiastically received at the NAB show in Las Vegas where the companies demonstrated the technology from April 16 to 19. Technology-focused news publication, the Verge was at the show and shot the following video.

Dolby has developed the technology to operate over existing distribution systems. It boasts 26 different viewing angles with observers noting that the effect was impressive from a various points around the screen.

"Philips has a long history in 3D technologies and video innovation, and Dolby has a proven track record of enabling technologies to enhance entertainment experiences. Together, we identified a business need where we could bring a unique offering to the market that improves the end-user experience," said Ruud Peters, chief intellectual property officer at Philips. "By unveiling Dolby 3D, we introduce a 3D HD format capable of powering glasses-free 3D displays of any size, enabling broadcasters, operators, content aggregators, and device manufacturers to deliver HD-quality 3D on any device." 

Ramzi Haidamus, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Dolby Laboratories, added: "We believe that Dolby 3D can help drive the adoption of 3D—creating a comfortable, customisable, truly enjoyable glasses-free 3D viewing experience while enhancing 3D display performance. Armed with the innovative glasses-free 3D display technology from Philips, based on years of extensive research and development in the field, we plan to bring the same philosophy to 3D that Dolby has brought to the audio space—integrating our technologies and strengths throughout the entire content chain."