DLP cubes go interactive

DLP cubes go interactive
DLP cubes have been given an interactive facelift with a new laser based multi-touch system from Mitsubishi. The groundbreaking technology is set to make an appearance at ISE 2010 following a successful debut in Sweden at signage show, Sign Scandinavia 2009. Video content shows a demonstration of the technology that, according to Mitsubishi, offers huge advancements in terms of speed and accuracy when compared to traditional IR based touch systems.

Daniel Quitzau, manager of large display and play-out solutions at Mitsubishi Electric Europe, explained the new system is based on sensing technology rather than a touch overlay. “As far as I’m aware,” he continued, “it is the only multi-touch system that uses laser sensors and not IR. Because you are using lasers there are no problems with interference from other light sources, for example sunlight.”

Despite having obvious advantages for use in applications such as shop windows, Quitzau said the technology really comes into its own when used in DLP cubes to obviate the problems that traditional IR sensors generate. “The projector in the DLP cube actually creates IR itself. This means there is a lot of calibration required to create a good [IR based] touch system and, even then, it’s not really good enough.”

The system generated keen interest when demonstrated at Sign Scandinavia in Stockholm. Quitzau said Mitsubishi received leads from sectors ranging from industrial to retail.

Currently, the products that are ready for market use back projection screens but Quitzau thinks the interactive DLP cubes will be ready at the beginning of next year. He revealed the company was looking at a possible launch at ISE 2010 when the “final tweaks” had been made. However, whether ISE is used as the launch pad or not, Quitzau did confirm that the technology will definitely be on display at the Amsterdam show.