Crestron signs up to EMerge

Crestron signs up to EMerge
The EMerge Alliance recruited Crestron to its ranks, boosting its crusade to create a new standard for integrating commercial building infrastructures, power, controls and a variety of systems on a common platform.

Crestron, which provides wireless and wired solutions for environmental and device control, is hoped to help the newly formed alliance achieve its goal of making commercial buildings more flexible, energy efficient and sustainable.

In a statement, Steve Samson, director of business development at Crestron Electronics, stressed the importance of the commercial marketplace realising the importance of “going green”.

“We are pleased to be part of an initiative that endorses integrated technologies that maximise opportunities to conserve energy and promote sustainability in commercial building interiors.”

The workplace is often dominated by fixed wiring, which EMerge says makes upgrades and retrofits complicated and costly. The Alliance claims it has responded to a demand for more flexible power distribution and device control solutions by focusing on the adoption of low-voltage DC power, which simplifies the installation of lighting fixtures and other devices. A safer and more flexible solution than line-voltage AC, DC power is ideally suited for integration into the ceiling plane, enabling facility managers to arrange and rearrange lighting, sensors, actuators, and other devices without rewiring.

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