Consumer tech paves way for touch tech in the workplace

Consumer tech paves way for touch tech in the workplace
Consumer devices are driving a business demand for touchscreens and sparking a shift in interface design for workplace technologies, according to LifeSize.

Seventy-eight per cent of those surveyed said touchscreen devices were easier to use than more traditional models while a further 90% believed personal use of IT devices had changed their expectations of the type of technology they expect to use in the workplace.

LifeSize reported that 69% expected to see an increase in the number of touchscreen devices available to use within their organisation in the near future.  

Michael Stephens, general manager at LifeSize, UK and Ireland, said: “Thanks to the widespread adoption of Apple devices, the touchscreen has captured the consumer’s attention and as such influenced what employees want to see in the workplace. We're seeing higher expectation from organisations of all sizes for intuitive design that mirrors what devices their staff are used to using in the home.” 

“Touchscreens elevate the overall user experience for most tasks, but audio and video conference calling in particular,” adds Stephens. “Their interfaces are so designed to best enable the sharing of content and the completion of multiple tasks. The touchscreen’s intuitive design will help to drive its mass adoption throughout enterprises worldwide, leading to a moreefficient and collaborative workforce.”