Colour E-paper surfaces in Berlin

Colour E-paper surfaces in Berlin
An e-paper display that can apparently be written and drawn on in colour surfaced in Berlin this month. The Galarno event dealt with e-ink and its applications in art. Images are available that show attendees using the displays and Adobe, Sony, Samsung and Epson are all listed as sponsors of the project. The show also included stunning electronic ink artworks that uses slow animation.

The colour tablet, described by Galarno as a prototype product, was utilised during a workshop with designers and artists.

Its website said: “Galarno also organised a workshop with designers and artists, offering a great opportunity for receiving information about on-going projects and exchanging experiences as well as the possibility to experiment with writing and drawing on a prototype colour tablet.”

Information regarding the tablet is currently scarce and at the time of writing we have been unable to ascertain from Galarno details of a manufacturer or a possibility of a product in the future.

However, if the tablet was made commercially available it has a promising future as an educational tool and a valuable resource for visitor attractions.