Clarion launches speakerless sound for cars

Clarion launches speakerless sound for cars
Clarion announced its new speakerless audio system for cars, using a vibration alert, Clarion’s Infoseat system, built into car seats to create speakerless audio.

While currently only being used for cars, this new type of sound reproduction could offer opportunities in other areas, including the installation market.

The speakerless audio technology concept was unveiled in January at CES, Las Vegas and  is based on a system which receives a signal directly from a car stereo, much like a conventional speaker.

The system conveys an impulse to the dashboard, acting like the diaphragm of a speaker to reproduce the sound.

The system situated behind the rear-view mirror directs air towards the windscreen, creating a virtual subwoofer to deliver sound.

The system also incorporates built-in tweeters to expand the frequency range of the trebles.