Christie changes the game

Christie changes the game
We are now able to reveal the first details to emerge from Christie about MicroTiles, a new display technology that creates a “virtually seamless digital canvas”. The modular display system is formed of an array of miniature DLP rear-projection cubes driven by a single-chip, LED-lit engine. Coupled with a unique projection surface, this is said to deliver very wide viewing angles and extremely good colour reproduction.

Each element is a 20" diagonal unit, and they can be stacked or arrayed to produce any shaped display, with only a 1mm mullion between tiles.

The tiles are only 10" deep, and according to Christie, require only minimal rear clearance for ventilation, as well as being easily maintained from the front.

The company has also said that MicroTiles are "self-aware", sharing colour calibration and brightness information amongst themselves via an innovative infrared link to maintain a consistent level of performance across any array. This will save considerable time during set up and commissioning of the display.

Walls of tiles are controlled by an external processing device, which can scale and process the signal from standard digital signage and media players.

The product, which has a wide range of potential applications, will demonstrated at ISE 2010, but a more detailed announcement is expected later this year. We’ll get you more details when we have them - watch this space!

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