Cash boost for 3D floating projection system

Cash boost for 3D floating projection system
Projection technology that creates 3D floating objects and started life as an art installation could become commercially available after its creators landed a cash injection of £100,000 (approximately €113,000).

Dubbed ‘Help Me Obi’, the system unveiled by artistic duo Helson and Jackets in 2008, is set to be made into a commercial prototype and tipped for use in videoconferencing, museums, education and advertising.

The product creates moving video objects up to 12-in in size. They can be seen from all angles as a viewer moves around them. 

Developers Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets report that the system took many years to get to the unit they have today, ironing out a number of problems including a flickering image.

They hope that the £100,000 grant from Smart:Scotland, and the resulting commercial prototype, will lead to more investment to further product development.