Cameo spotlights illuminate cruise ship christening

Cameo spotlights illuminate cruise ship christening
The AIDAcosma cruise ship was christened at the port of Hamburg, Germany, supported by a colourful light show provided by Cameo spotlights and 250 drones.

The 136 Cameo OTOS H5 lights were installed on board the AIDAcosma as part of the lighting design of the ship’s christening ceremony, a concept designed in collaboration between lighting designer Flo Erdmann and creative director Sven Sören Beyer. The project was coordinated by planning office JP Spaces. 

The Cameo OTOS H5 spotlights were selected to achieve a number of units within the budget, coping with the unusual dimensions of a ship christening. 

The OTOS H5 lights were arranged as a fan beam in groups of six, on decks of varying heights and along the ship’s railings to support the 337-metre length of the ship. 

16 additional OTOS H5 lights were deployed on the Ocean deck at the stern of the ship. 

Erdmann commented: “The OTOS H5 is a real workhorse and did its job as a central beam showlight with absolute aplomb.

“The OTOS H5 is really light, which helped the crew a lot in this setting. It is also fully outdoor capable and extremely bright. For me, there is nothing comparable in this performance and budget class.”